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Nigerian jellof rice is one of the easiest Nigerian foods to prepare. This is an article about foods eaten in Nigeria and  a detailed guide to making Nigerian jellof rice. Most people are interested in making simple and easy Nigerian foods. I have lived in Nigeria for the past 27 years and I believe I have learned so much about foods in Nigeria.

Nigerian is made up of three major tribes – Igbo, hausa, Yoruba and over a hundred other minority tribe, this is the major reason we have over a hundred different foods eaten in Nigeria, there are lots of foods that I am yet to learn about but I am just going to focus on the very popular foods here.

Few of the things that come to mind when you talk about Nigerian foods are Nigerian soups, Nigerian desserts and of course information on making them. Most often I also get queries about the easiest Nigerian food recipe and that is part of the question that I would be addressing here.

Egusi soup is the most popular soup in Nigeria, most people like to consume this soup with pounded yam and of course a bottle of your favorite soft drink. There are lots of other Nigerian soups like bitter leaf soup, ogbolo, edikaikong, Uha soup and a whole lots of other soups eaten by the minority tribes.

There are lots of desserts eaten in Nigerian, the like of African salad, pepper soups and a whole lot of others, I consider jellof rice as the easiest to make Nigerian foods partly because it is easy to make and of course because all the ingredient used in the process are available in several parts of the word. This is actually one of the first foods I learned to make in Nigeria and here is a detailed guide on making this food.

Ingredients for making jellof rice for three to five people

2cups of rice

1kg of chicken

700ml of ground fresh tomatoes

About 20ml of ground fresh pepper

2 to 3 cubes of maggi

2 bulbs of onions

10 to 15cl of vegetable oil or a sachet of margarine

Spices (one seed of nutmeg, curry, thymes and other spices of choice)

1 cup of crayfish (optional)

How to make jellof rice in Nigeria.

Parboil the jollof rice for about five minutes then wash and set aside in a bowl, I like to wash thoroughly after parboiling just to make sure you have a white clean rice.

Parboil the meat with all the necessary ingredients, I like to parboil meats with lots of ingredients and them make the main food with very little ingredients, that is a cooking trick I implore just in a bid to end up with a very tasty fried meat. You can pick out the meats with a fort and deep fry after parboiling for ten to fifteen minutes but be sure to reserve the juice from the meat (extracts) it is very necessary in making Nigerian foods.

Blend tomatoes to get about 700ml, your blender is probably calibrated, this should be about half of the blender. Also blend the fresh fresh pepper and crayfish (if you are making jellof rice with crayfish, a tactic I don’t employ)

Set your cooking pot on the burner and allow to dry, add about 10cl of groundnut oil, the normal practice is often to use the same oil in frying the chicken and for cooking the main food too. It takes between 25cl and 35cl of vegetable oil to deep-fry chicken but this quantity should be reduced to  about ten to fifteen centiliter for the main food.

Add the oil to the dry pot, allow to heat before adding the sliced onions. Fry the sliced onions for about 1 minutes before adding the ground tomatoes and pepper. Then allow to cook while stirring occasionally for the next ten minutes until the tomatoes is dried without a trace of water, also check to see that the sour taste has been eliminated due to frying.

Add about 2 cups of water, then the meat extract, taste and add another cube of maggi if necessary, add salt to taste, spices of choice, allow to boil before adding the parboiled white rice. Cover and cook till it is soft for consumption, you can add water to avoid burningHealth Fitness Articles, you just made the most

Popular Nigerian food – jellof rice

Serve with the fried meat

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